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Maurya Dynasty D. Udayin iii. Evidence of decorated bricks used in flooring at has been found at Kalibangan. Rectangular axes with curved cutting edge. Ruled, rich merchants and poor labourers who lived in the lower part of the city. The syllabus of the General Studies for the UPSC and State Service examinations is pretty exhaustive in nature and Ancient and Medieval History has emerged as one of the important component of this syllabus.

Underscoring much that continues to be wrong in India.

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It is noteworthy to add that there are no early Harappan sites in the active Indus plain. Regarding the Indus Valley Civilisation, consider the following statements: Black and Red Ware c. The whole plan fell into place when New Delhi realized that Singapore was facing a genuine problem in training its military personnel. Answers 1. Mahavira belonged to the VaishaliVidehans Jnatrikas Clan.


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