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Compelling Voice: That definitely is odd and lazy sounding no offense to Pat Carroll. And hey, Triton, you want to run that past her parents first? Candace Flynn is the teenage sister of Phineas and Ferb, who are known and even renowned for all the logic defying things they do by all—except their mom. He tells her to hold on to him. Triton turns Ariel back into a mermaid and she goes swimming through the sea, looking pretty much identical to how she did when she was a teenager.

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She holds her breath and tries to go faster.

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She lifts her leg as high as she can and wiggles her toes. I get that the whole 'theme' of the fandom is supposed to that Love and Tolerance crap, but I'm calling the bluff here; this is nothing more than the Trope 'Draco in Leather Pants'. Though pedantry compels me too point out that that character who shall not be named is a walrus, not a seal. As they are going, Ariel is still happily looking at her legs. Ursula and Morgana swim to the area where Ursula would build her base. Scuttle gets an army of fish, ducks, flamingos, crabs, dolphins, seals, and starfish to help him crash Vanessa's wedding.

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