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Tale of Two Cities. Reina tells you that all of these books are necessary for the research that she does. If you are a game with Harvest Moon, The road on the left leads to a town called Blue Bell and the road on the right side to a. Kana, and I chose the Bench. Bluebell low-mountain area. She loves her father and claims that he's the best cook around.

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She wonders if you miss your old village and if it made you sad to leave.

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Reina (TToTT)

Harvest Moon: Learn more details about Harvest Moon 3D: Let's say I live in Konohana and my village is having the Children's Festival. Laney loves ice cream and other sweetsas well as flowers and tea. Cam thanks you for helping him with his customers. She thinks that it would also be difficult if she ever had to move too.

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