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The poison eventually wears off and Big McIntosh and Cheerilee play out an attraction towards one another to fool the Cutie Mark Crusaders. During some shots in Friendship is Magic, part 1Winter Wrap UpSisterhooves SocialMMMystery on the Friendship ExpressSpike at Your ServiceJust for Sidekicksand Magical Mystery Curehis cutie mark is depicted with six-pointed white stars around the apple which are not present in most of the show's shots or in the toy line; an image from the development of the mobile game states that stars are not part of his cutie mark design. The Rich family. Big McIntosh apparently applebucks with only one hoof in Hearts and Hooves Day, however, he does not manage to remove every apple from the tree; whereas Applejack makes every apple fall off in a single, two-hooved buck. Big McIntosh first appears walking through town as Twilight lands in Ponyville in episode one.

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The spell attracts dozens of ponies and they fight over the doll until Princess Celestia intervenes and removes the spell.

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Upon returning to Canterlot, the trio are attacked and defeated by the Cosmos-possessed princess. As a result of his not packing light for the trip, their wagon breaks down while on the road, to the frustration of his sisters. When Twilight walks by to inspect their work, he says "eeyup", accidentally letting go of the rope. Like his pony counterpart, Big Mac usually limits his vocalizations to "eeyup" and "nnope. Apple Bloom Babs Seed.

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